Upington Referral Hospital

A state of the art hospital. 

Project Information

Hospitals are the most complex of building types because each hospital comprises of a wide range of services and functional units which include diagnostic and treatment areas, such as clinical laboratories, imaging, emergency rooms, and surgery; hospitality functions etc.
This diversity is reflected in the breadth and specificity of regulations, codes, and oversight that governs hospital construction and operation. Wide-ranging and constantly evolving functions of a hospital, including highly complicated mechanical, electrical, and telecommunications system, requires specialized knowledge and expertise. 
The Upington Referral Hospital comprises 267 Beds, 60 TB beds, 5 Operating theatres, Radiology, Emergencies, CSSD unit, Paediatric, Maternity, ORS and Gynae, Medical, Surgical, Burns wards, Laboratories and Blood bank, Renal unit, Support clinics, Oncology, Pharmacy, Kitchens, Laundry, Staff accommodation, Technical and Staff areas.
This project was done In consortium with Archi-M Studio.